My first one on one yoga session

As the founder of Bendii, I’m almost ashamed at how long it took me to request a one on one practice with one of my favorite yoga teachers. I had been practicing for about 3 years, and Lisa was one of my regular teachers. We knew each other in passing but I never took any time after class to ask questions or work on my poses. I assumed we both had places to be and people to see, right?

But I had so many questions about my poses and I knew I could really benefit from some fine tuning. This is not something YouTube videos or pocket yoga apps could teach me. I wanted hands on, personalized attention. So, I finally decided to ask, and it was weird. I felt like I was asking her on a date. I was thinking, “How do I make this less awkward?” “Is this something normal people ask?” “Will she feel comfortable teaching me one one one?”

Lisa of course said “YES! I would love to teach you one on one.” Because yoga teacher. Duh. So we looked at our calendars and found a good time to meet, and had the session. ย Y’all. Tell me again why did I wait so long?? It was absolutely incredible and surpassed my expectations.

Here’s what I learned:

1. No cheating: This one on one accountability really pushed me in a way that surprised me. In class, I could take a vinyasa or skip it, take child’s pose here and there as I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I push myself in class. But with Lisa coaching me, I wasn’t getting away with anything. She encouraged me to keep deepening and holding poses that I might usually only take halfway. It was TOUGH. But aren’t all amazing workouts?

2. Assists are key: If you’re like me in class, I love hands on adjustments. I’m sitting in my pose as the teacher walks by thinking, “Pick me! Right here!” But alas, I must share you, oh wise one, keeper of the assist. While I am happy for my classmates getting the most out of their practice, I’m still super jelly. This is the beautiful thing about the one on one: I get them ALL to myself. Every painful, relaxing, extending, aligning, juicy assist. And it’s amazing. (This may not appeal to some, so keep in mind you can always get verbal guidance as you move through poses.)

3.ย Personalized content rules: Most teachers ask at the beginning of class, “What do you guys want to work on today?” You’ll almost always hear hip openers, some heart openers, maybe arm balances. These are all great, but the practice isn’t personalized to you. One on ones go much further. You can really focus on your own personal goals and create a long term plan to get there. With Lisa, I told her all of my goals: overall body conditioning, arm strength, specific balances I’ve been trying to get, etc. She tailored our practice to include working on all of these, and I genuinely felt strongerย at the end of our practice with real progress made towards these goals.

4. You might be hurting yourself: If you’ve never taken a training, workshop, or had a one on one session, hear me when I say this, when it comes to certain poses (not all, but maybe a few): you could be setting yourself up for injury later. This came as a shock to me. Here I am, 3 years into my practice, and Lisa gently lets me know I’m doing CHATARUNGA inpromperly, compromising my shoulders. I couldn’t believe it. But when I thought about it, my only guidance was going to class a few times a week, imitating what I saw, not saying anything to anybody, and leaving. Maybe a little side research online. I’m not a master by any means, but I really thought I at least had the basics down. Nah, girl. Sit down. Be humble.

5. It’s just fun: How much fun is it to practice with someone you connect with, who has this massive wealth of knowledge about yoga, who is tailoring the practice to you, all in the comfort of your own home? So fun. It’s the MOST fun. Well, at least for me it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

I started Bendii to allow students like me to get the all the powerful benefits of private sessions and teachers like Lisa to have the freedom of teaching yoga full time on their own schedule. I truly believe that Bendii is the future of yoga, and I hope you’ll take full advantage of it (as soon as it comes to your area!). Trust me, you’ll never finish a session thinking, “Gee, I wish I hadn’t done that.” You’ll never regret pushing yourself and deepening your practice. Putting your mind and body first is always the right decision.

Now go out and get bendii!


Kyla Trainor
Founder and CEO of Bendii

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