Mudra 101

Often times we see specific hand gestures during a yoga class or maybe you’ve seen them in pictures. You may have wondered what people are doing with their hands and what it all really means, or maybe you didn’t know they meant anything! These hand gestures are called mudras, in Sanskrit “mud” means joy and…

How to make the perfect Acai Bowl

Have you been wondering how to make those amazing Acai bowls that have been popping up all over the place at your local juice shop? Read on to find out! View this post on Instagram love açaí bowl 💕 wish you all a lovely day 💫✨ @andreatorressz . . . . . #smoothiebowl #acaibowl #smoothie…

My first one on one yoga session

As the founder of Bendii, I’m almost ashamed at how long it took me to request a one on one practice with one of my favorite yoga teachers. I had been practicing for about 3 years, and Lisa was one of my regular teachers. We knew each other in passing but I never took any time after class to ask questions or work on my poses. I assumed we both had places to be and people to see, right?

But I had so many questions about my poses and I knew I could really benefit from some fine tuning. This is not something YouTube videos or pocket yoga apps could teach me. I wanted hands on, personalized attention. So, I finally decided to ask, and it was weird. I felt like I was asking her on a date. I was thinking, “How do I make this less awkward?” “Is this something normal people ask?” “Will she feel comfortable teaching me one one one?”